My Experience; Jeroen Lens

With over 25 years of experience in international automotive industries, both in Europe and the US, I can offer companies a wide range of support and a tremendous network of possible clients and suppliers.

While having experience in working with all Major OEMs worldwide, I have a client list of automotive oriented companies mainly involved in supplying unique and or competitive products, services and processes to the automotive world. Working from offices in the Netherlands and the UK, I spend my time across Europe, the US and Asia, advising, executing growth strategies and developing new products. Having strong OEM and Tier 1/2/3 connections with many key people of influence as well as Director/CEO level with supply partners, LENSTRAT is strongly networked, allowing good access to potential programs of work.

Areas of Expertise

  • Tooling
  • Injection Molding and PUR/RIM Production
  • Metal stampings and castings
  • Exhaust Manifolds and Bellows
  • Surface coatings and decorative finishes
  • Industrial sanding and polishing
  • LED Light solutions
  • Prototyping and Series production
  • Measurement Gauges and Validation

Specialized Expertise

  • Global B2B opportunities
  • Language support
  • Negotiating support
  • Contract assistance
  • Patent developments
  • Business Development and Sales Strategies
  • New product development and launch
  • Strong network of interior and exterior vehicle accessory products


The automotive industry is not for everyone. Business and developments are fast paced, rules and regulations are tough, and suppliers are always under tremendous time and costing pressure.

If there is no passion for automotive, it is hard to survive in this market place. With 25 years of passionate automotive experience I know how the business runs and I can look back on many awarded and successful programs. I can be proud at a history of great results.


LENSTRAT provides a completely flexible and tailored service; one that fits the needs of your business. All great plans start with a confidential discussion, to understand the client’s objectives, wishes and goals. After this, LENSTRAT would make a proposal for the client, ensuring the beginning of a great relationship.

Current Clients

LENSTRAT is currently working with a wide variety of automotive clients. The exact details of these co-operations are confidential, where discretion and trust are paramount between LENSTRAT and its clients. However, please review the Case Study Button or contact us to discuss your needs and our possibilities!

Case Studies

Tier1 Niche Market supplier

This LENSTRAT client specializes in large exterior parts such as bumpers, rocker panels and spoilers for niche model vehicles for German High End OEMs. However, the client wants to be able to quote for special niche vehicles in the French, UK and Swedish markets as well. In all these instances RFQs were generated and during the course of time different niche projects were awarded to the client and brought into production.

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LED Light Specialists

This client specializes in LED light applications for OEM interior and exterior accessories. We help our client to develop and market their existing products as well as new developments in the US, on the European Mainland and the UK. Our assistance contains product design, technical reviews and support, marketing strategies, customer presentations and RFQ generation.

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US Specialty Exhaust Parts manufacturer

This US based client is one of the leading manufacturers for manufactured exhaust manifolds and bellows and has opened up a European plant in 2015. It is looking to expand with local offices to target new European OEM brands. We provide the office and meeting space and assist in targeting potential OEM customers by generating RFQs and expanding our clients customer base, sales and revenues.

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Industrial Paint Plant

This Industrial Paint Plant, located in the south of Germany, specializes in automotive projects for all well-known German OEMs, but is looking to expand outside the German borders. Customers in France, the UK as well as Sweden are targeted, with a special focus on niche projects. LENSTRAT assists in approaching OEM brands in those countries, securing possible business and bring a project into series production. First Swedish projects have been awarded.

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